How Does the Windshield Act as a Safety Device?

How Does the Windshield Act as a Safety Device?

When it comes to driving, one of the most critical factors to keep in mind is safety. Naturally, the same reflects in windshield installation and repair as well. The purpose of a windshield isn’t just to protect you from wind and bugs, but serves numerous other purposes as well.

Just like seatbelts and airbags, a windshield is also considered to be a part of your car’s safety mechanism. Following are some of the ways it can be considered a safety device.

Acts as a Blocking Device

One of the main functions performed by a windshield is to block the wind, as the name suggests. From dust and debris to small rocks and bugs, a windshield protects you from it all. As weather changes, the windscreen protects you from the hot or cold as well.

Windshields are often UV treated and therefore absorb harmful UV rays of the sun, along with the heat.

Supports Airbags

You may not be aware of this, but your windshield actually plays a very important role in helping your airbags deploy properly. Cracked, broken, or loose windshields can’t maintain the pressure difference within and outside the car as effectively and therefore end up impeding the function of airbags.

This is also one of the main reasons repairing or replacing your windshield immediately is a good idea.

Chassis & Roof Supports

A windshield is an integral part of your car’s frame. It connects the center of your car’s chassis to the roof and thus, provides the necessary support to keep it in place. The roof used to be supported by steel rods but now, windshields have taken their place.

In an accident, the windshield ensures that the roof doesn’t cave in during accidents and collisions.

A Major Shock Absorber

When your car collides forcefully with any object and comes to a halt, the inertia created can propel you forward with force. That’s why you wear a seatbelt. Even then, your windshield plays an important part in absorbing a majority of the impact force.

As it breaks, the force that would normally be applied on you spreads across the windshield, shattering it into tiny pieces. The PVB later (lamination) ensures the tiny pieces don’t go flying onto your face, while the breaking windshield prevents you from being ejected from the car.

These windshield safety features can be potentially lifesaving, which is why you should immediately consider taking care of any chips and cracks in your windshield.

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