How ADAS Cameras Work – Autonomous Driving at Its Finest

How ADAS Cameras Work – Autonomous Driving at Its Finest

Hollywood has always shown us dreams of a world where there will be flying cars that drive themselves. While the dream of flying cars remains to be realized, self-driving cars and driver-assistance technologies have brought us very close to that future.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is one such system that uses cameras to help drivers get a better grip on their environment. It is basically a lane departure system that also helps improve safety.

So, how does this lane departure system work?

ADAS Cameras: How Lane Departure Systems Work

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a camera-based system that has proximity and motion sensors that help the driver remain aware of the vehicle’s surroundings. These cameras are usually installed in the side mirrors, while one is on top of your windscreen.

The idea is to capture images of the sides and the front of your vehicles (even the back in some cases) to recognize road markings, signs, pedestrians, other vehicles and obstacles. In conjunction with other safety features such as your airbags and braking systems, you get a complete safety package.

Some ADAS also analyze your driving style and automatically adjust your car’s suspension, brakes and other elements to improve your driving experience, all while ensuring maximum safety. These driving assists aren’t just limited to when you’re driving, though, but also help you when you’re in your car and tell you if you have something in your blind spot.

All these systems are tested by the IIHS, which then gives each car and its features safety ratings. If you are looking for a car that focuses on these features and is safe for your family, you should consider checking their safety ratings out.

It is important to remember that some of these driver assistance features will become a nuisance if you have a damaged part, asking you to replace it again and again; such as lane departure systems asking you to replace or repair a broken windshield.

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