When You Need Help With Fundraising,
You Need A True Blue Friend

True Blue Auto Glass is a local company with a very old-fashioned idea: consistently superior service. We offer a fresh alternative for comprehensive auto glass replacement and repair. We have extensive experience in handling covered losses, and we can also offer your membership multiple payment options for losses which are not covered. We would like to become the preferred local alternative for your member’s auto glass needs. Feel free to contact us at 610-935-5588 or fill the form below to submit your information so we can get your organization started earning money right away.

Here’s How The Fundraising Program Works:

1. Submit your application below.

2. Within one business day, you will be issued an “affiliate code”. This is the 5-digit code you will supply to your membership so that your organization receives credit for any sales generated through your network.

3. In the course of your regular communication with your organization’s members, let them know of your partnership with True Blue Auto Glass and share your affiliate code with them. We can also provide you with our logo and one of several advertisements to help you promote the program.

4. Each month, we will generate a sales report and pay your organization a 5% fee based on your total sales for the previous month (less sales tax). The payment will be made by check or through Paypal – the choice is yours.

It’s that easy – a fundraising program you can use indefinitely.
There’s no order taking, no products to deliver and no money to collect from your members.
Auto glass repair and replacement services are very common. All you have to do is tell them about our partnership and ask for their support.

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Agreement Terms:

Approval of this agreement is at the sole discretion of True Blue Auto Glass. Thisagreement may be terminated and/or cancelled with thirty (30) day’s written noticeat any time during the term of this agreement by either party. The proceeds to theorganization will be 5% of the pre-tax sale receipts generated by your organization’sreferrals. A check or electronic payment will be issued to the organization on amonthly basis within 14 days of the previous month. No guarantees or warranties ofany kind are made by either party as to the anticipated success of this fundraisingeffort. The terms above are agreed and accepted by:

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Call Us Now at 610-935-5588