Exploding Sunroofs – How Can I Avoid Them?

Exploding Sunroofs – How Can I Avoid Them?

Sunroofs aren’t laminated, which means that when they break, they shatter or ‘explode.’ Exploding sunroofs are becoming a bigger issue every year because of the continuous global temperature rises. This issue isn’t limited to a single car manufacturer, either. It is a worldwide phenomenon, and the exact cause of these explosions remains a mystery.

The issue is similar to spontaneous windshield cracks and shattering, and just as you would need a windshield replacement or repair, you would need to opt for an auto glass repair service to rectify this issue. But what can you do to avoid sunroof explosions?

How Can I Avoid Exploding Sunroofs?

Manufacturers claim that the type of auto glass used isn’t the issue but is a matter of instant temperature changes. Many sunroof installers say they don’t believe that the type of glass is an indicator of cause. Instead, they suggest the cause is likely a matter of physics.

There is also a possibility (especially for tail gators) of debris, such as small rocks or more on the road, to jump off the car in front and damage sunroofs. This can lead to chips and cracks, which may exacerbate over time and eventually shatter the sunroof.

The expanding and contracting glass will release stress from the sunroof, just like your windshield. If the same happens to your windshield, you may see a small crack growing over time. Since windshields are laminated from both sides, the broken glass will stay in place.

Sunroofs are just tempered glass and don’t have any laminate. Since there is nothing to hold the glass in place, it will give the impression that the glass ‘exploded’ onto the driver and passengers.  

If your sunroof or windshield has spontaneously shattered or simply has a crack or chip, we are here to help you out. You can come to us or let True Blue Auto Glass experts come to you and help you fix the issue.

If you have any glass-related issues, have True Blue Auto Glass experts come to you and help you fix the issue