Drive-In Movies During the Winter – The Importance of a Clear Windshield

Drive-In Movies During the Winter – The Importance of a Clear Windshield

With everything that’s been going on in 2020, one almost-dead industry that came to life because of the pandemic is the drive-in theatre industry. As fall comes to an end and winter starts creeping in – not to mention how it’s been a year since the pandemic started – it is natural for you to want to stretch your legs and go out with the family.

But of course, the options are limited. Drive-in cinemas have now become a beacon of sanity for many. However, a major problem with these cinemas still remains prevalent; the whole experience is dependent on how clean your windshield is.

Even something as small as a bird dropping on your windshield can ruin the whole movie for you, so imagine the experience if there is a permanent scratch mark or crack between you and the cinema screen.

At these cinemas, bright light reflects off of the scratches on your windshield, which ultimately illuminates it. Because of this, the windshield becomes slightly foggy. The more scratches there are, the worse your viewing experience will be. You might have experienced the same when driving with a scratched/cracked window with oncoming traffic.

Driving during COVID-19 is permitted, so long as you stay in your car and follow the COVID SOPs. As you go with your family for a movie night after almost a year, we recommend you make the most of this time with a clear windshield.

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