Does New Glass Technology Mean More Expensive Windshield Repair?

Does New Glass Technology Mean More Expensive Windshield Repair?

If there is any industry innovating and introducing new tech regularly, it’s the auto industry. Customers and manufacturers are both adapting to these new trends and encouraging each other to go further. However, as with any other technology, it comes at a price to the end-user.

One can expect a car’s price to be high because of the new technology. However, most people don’t expect maintaining these cars to be expensive as well. A primary concern for buyers is the price of windshield repair and windshield replacement.

New Technologies & Windshield Replacement/Repair

Technologies such as augmented reality, automated emergency braking systems, automatic dimming, rain sensors, and a range of other advancements have been incorporated into auto glass technology. Hence, windshields being manufactured now no longer work on the same principle(s) as the ones made with traditional glass.

Modern glass uses new materials, electronics, and sensors, replacing the traditional and rudimentary windshield replacement method. At the same time, the windshield repair methods have changed entirely, with some damage being irreparable, causing some features to no longer work after repairs.

The installation process has also changed, requiring extensive calibration and other replacement challenges to deal with.

Modern cars are much more complicated, and this is no secret. It’s not just the manufacturers that need to keep up, but the mechanics and technicians as well. The integrated systems require enormous precision; it’s no longer only about making sure that the resin dries up but that it also doesn’t get in the way of connectors is equally important.

True Blue Auto Glass technicians are specifically trained to deal with these issues. As new technologies start rolling out, we make a point of staying up to date with their installation and repair procedures. If you would like to schedule a windshield repair or replacement, we urge you to give us a call or visit our garage in Wayne and Phoenixville, PA.