Does Insurance Cover a Smashed Windshield?

Does Insurance Cover a Smashed Windshield?

One of the more common questions we often have to answer is if insurance covers smashed windshields or not. Yes, in most cases, insurance does cover broken, cracked or smashed windshields and other pieces of glass found on cars, SUV’s and trucks.  Although we an approved shop with most carriers in PA, NJ and DE, we are no your insurance company and will always defer to them for questions regarding insurance coverage.

There are so many reasons a windshield can get damaged, be it from debris on the road, a storm, an accident, or someone smashing your windshield on purpose. Unfortunately, without comprehensive insurance coverage, it may be difficult to have your windshield replaced at the expense of your insurance company.

Some of the most common reason for damage that our customers come across are:

  • A rock from the road while driving
  • Falling tree (or its branch) when parked, even if another party deliberately did it
  • A ball or rock flying into a car when parked
  • Vandalism
  • Hail or snow (temperature-related cracks), and more
  • Intentional breakage to gain entry into the vehicle with the intent to steal contents or the car itself

If you find yourself a victim of a broken or cracked windshield get in touch with us and we can help you navigate the insurance process. We can help you repair or replace your windshield in Pennsylvania immediately at the most cost-effective prices. So, get in touch today and let us help you save!