Does Frustration Cause Cracked Windshields?

Does Frustration Cause Cracked Windshields?

The concept might seem a bit out of place, but frustration while driving (including road rage) can lead to cracks in your windshield as well.


You know how you slam the car door when angry? Well, we recently discussed how to avoid windshield damage and how even the slightest chips in your windshield can get worse as you close the car door forcefully. The force needs to get out somewhere, right?

The vibration caused by slamming the car door resonates throughout the car’s body. Since it originates from the frame, it has only one place it can go to; the windshield. There is a chance that the vibrations may resonate with such frequency that the peak of every vibration falls on the chip, or even a small crack already on your windshield.

Think of this as a small boat in the sea. If the waves become strong enough – and the boat gets caught on a wave’s peak just right – the boat is likely to jump up and lose balance. At the peak, potential energy is maxed out and as the boat jumps, it turns into kinetic energy.

This is exactly what will happen to your windshield. Peaks have the most energy and therefore can force smaller cracks or chips open, transforming into a large crack. We see it all the time!

Mistakes happen and road rage is a real and perhaps a very common thing. When that happens, True Blue Auto Glass can help! Call us or visit our website for a quote or to schedule your appointment.

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