DIY Car Windshield Repair Kits – Should I Use Them to Repair Cracks?

DIY Car Windshield Repair Kits – Should I Use Them to Repair Cracks?

As YouTube gets more and more popular during the COVID-19 crisis, DIY is also starting to find roots in almost every problem anyone has. From getting rid of mold to cutting your own hair, repairing electronics and even trying to repair windshields, everything is being tried at home. Though – not everything turns out as advertised.

You might have seen those DIY windshield repair kits being advertised every so often and available readily in the market – and so did our lead windshield repair technicians. So naturally, we tried it out to see whether the cost-effective method really works or not.

Our First Impressions

Looking at one of these kits, the first thing we noticed was the cost. For just around $10-$20, it promised a quick and easy solution. Less than a fraction of what professional repair costs. There was a tube with clear resin in it, some curing strips, an injection plunber to help put resin in the cracks and a screen holder.

We read the instructions and tried it on our discarded windshields.

Getting to Work With a DIY Windshield Repair Kit

As the instructions suggested, we applied the formula as instructed and within a few minutes, we were done! Although the repair was visible, it wasn’t really that bad. It wasn’t something we’d let you leave with if we’re repairing your windshield, but for a DIY, not bad.

We set the repaired windshield in the sun for a few days just to test it out. It was hot outside. And that’s where the problem began.

The Results

On the second day, we started seeing discoloration in the repair material and the patch started becoming more visible. A week in and a few more hot days, and the crack didn’t just come back, it began to grow!

We made our decision; these DIY windshield repair kits aren’t something we would recommend to our customers. In fact, not long after, we started getting reports from car owners saying they could have saved money by getting their windshield repaired by a professional!

If you’re thinking about trying this DIY method to repair your windshield, we recommend you give us a call first. We might be able to help you save a lot more money than the temporary gain you get from those DIY kits. Don’t forget – if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicles, there’s a great chance you won’t have any out of pocket expense at all.