Different Types of Windshield Cracks

Different Types of Windshield Cracks

The windshield of a vehicle plays an important role in the safety of the driver and passengers while supporting the structure of the vehicle. But, unlike any other part of your car, a windshield is also susceptible to damage. An object flying through the air can hit the glass, cracking your windshield. There are several types of windshield cracks and chips, and we will help you learn about them so that you know the extent of damage you are dealing with.


Cracks are the most common type of damage that a windshield can sustain. These first appear as a line in the windshield. Some cracks are like small lines with start and endpoints. They can also be longer with many branches that extend from the main line. Subcategories of cracks include:

·        Stress Crack

You would be surprised to know that a stress crack can form even when nothing hits your windshield. This happens due to major changes in temperature. For example, your windshield can get a stress crack if it is exposed to intense rays of the sun during summer or is covered in ice during winter.

· Floater Crack

A floater crack begins in the middle of the windshield or more than 2 inches away from the windshield’s edge. These cracks vary in lengths, and some of them extend across most of the windshield.

· Edge Crack

This type of crack starts within 2 inches of the edge of the windshield and extends out to it. The length of these cracks is generally between 10 and 12 inches.

· Crack Chip

Crack chips are smaller cracks with an impact point of less than ¼ in diameter.


A ding is caused by a small object hitting the windshield. Its appearance is similar to a small piece of glass that has disappeared from your windshield.


Bulls-eye is another type of damage that results from the impact of an object. The circular pattern that results from the impact looks similar to a dart board, which is why it is called a ‘bulls-eye.’ The piece of glass gets removed from the windshield, and these cracks are generally larger than chips.

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