Difference Between Car Windshield Sealants and Adhesives

Difference Between Car Windshield Sealants and Adhesives

It is crucial that you get your car’s damaged windshield fixed right away. Some defects require replacing the windshield instead of a simple repair. The effectiveness of the process, however, depends on applying the proper adhesive when replacing a car windshield.

Applying the incorrect adhesive when replacing a windshield is one of the most hazardous mistakes an individual can make. Therefore, it is essential to know the difference between car windshield sealants and adhesives.

What is a Sealant?

A sealant is a combination of chemicals that harden when exposed to air and are used to ‘seal’ chips or cracks on windshields to prevent water leakage. Sealants are waterproof.

What is an Adhesive?

An adhesive is like a very strong glue that can be used to stick together 2 different materials, for example, metal with glass.  

Following are the differences between sealants and adhesives.

Sealants Adhesives
Sealants lack the adhesive authority to keep two materials connected.Adhesives can be used as sealants, but sealants can’t be used as adhesives.
Sealants are prone to move under stressThe molecular structure of adhesives is more complicated and strongly inter-linked
Sealants are not as strong and rigid as adhesivesAdhesives are more durable and rigid than sealants
Sealants have greater flexibility as compared to adhesivesAdhesives are harder, hence much stronger than sealants

Additionally, adhesives are 90 times stronger than silicone, and an increase in temperature rarely affects them. While sealants become softer as temperature or humidity rises.  

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