Demisting Your Windshield The Right Way

Demisting Your Windshield The Right Way

Whenever it is raining or during the winters, you might have noticed that your windshield tends to mist up. Many think that it’s because of the cold weather, but have you seen this mist upon entering your car the first thing in the morning?

The mist is because of your body’s warmth. The trick to reducing this effect and the water vapors within the car is to normalize the temperature. Here are a few tricks that you can adopt;

Pop a Window

This one should be a last resort, but it always works, which is why it’s on the top of our list. Open the windows; even a little will do. The airflow will normalize the car’s temperature and blow away the water vapor.

Turn The AC On

The air conditioner will immediately start removing water vapors from within your car and lower the temperature within, demisting your windshields in the process. If there are cracks or chips in your windshield, the AC might struggle a bit at that point because moisture might be trapped within already.

Let The Fresh Air In

Turn off the air-recirculation button and invite fresh, cold air from the outside. This air won’t be nearly as cold as popping a window, though, so it might take a while, but it will get the job done.

Wiping your windshield might seem like a good idea, but you will find that you will only end up making things worse for yourself. Not only do the wipe marks stay (and require you to clean the windshield completely), your warmth will worsen the mist.

If you apply the above tricks and still find that the windshield is foggy, you might want to get it checked. Your windshield’s integrity might be compromised, and it might be inviting moisture in.

Give True Blue Auto Glass a call, and whether it’s in the middle of a snowstorm or monsoon, we’ll come right over and help you with your windshield repair or replacement ventures, along with guiding you better on how to demist your windshield the right way!