Dealing With a Broken Side Window

Dealing With a Broken Side Window

Whether it was hail, a smash and grab, or an accident by children, you must get the broken auto glass repaired or replaced as soon as possible. However, while you make your way to get that done, cover the broken glass up to avoid compromising your vehicle’s security and integrity.

If left out, it will most likely invite burglars, squatters, animals, pests, or the weather might ruin the leather inside. This article will look at how to deal with broken auto glass while you wait for a mobile auto glass replacement/repair or take the car to a repair shop.

Covering A Broken Car Window

You will need the following:

  • Some thick gloves, preferably rubber or leather, to protect you from the glass
  • Transparent tape, yellow tape, or simple masking tape. Duct tape will do as well but cleaning the residue might be slightly difficult.
  • Micro-fiber cloth
  • Trash bag
  • Cardboard to cover the broken window
  • Scissors
  • Scraper

The goal here isn’t visibility, so find anything that you think will protect your car from the elements. Now, wear the gloves, pick up a pair of scissors, and let’s begin.

  1. Pick up the scraper and remove the broken glass. Collect the shattered pieces into the trash bag carefully.
  2. Place the cardboard on the now-cleared window and measure how much you need to cut. Cut the cardboard so that you can tape its edges to the side.
  3. Start taping the edges from the inside and out.
  4. Make sure there are no holes, and the cover is secure.
  5. Add a layer of tape on the outside to further insulate the material.

This solution is just a temporary one, and you should immediately get the window repaired to protect yourself and the passengers and avoid paying a fine.

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