Dangers Posed By Poorly Fitted Windshields

Dangers Posed By Poorly Fitted Windshields

There have been numerous studies on the dangers posed by poorly fitted windshields throughout the U.S. Each of these studies concluded that improper installation of windshields can be more dangerous than a damaged windshield.

When considering the source of poorly fitted auto glass, it mostly comes down to poorly trained staff or improper installation techniques for windshield replacement or repair by third-party contractors.

Here are some facts for you to review when it comes to the dangers of poorly fitted windshields.

  • During accidents, the risk of serious injury due to a windshield falling out or shattering completely increases from 3 to 40 times.
  • Windshields are essential to the structural integrity of a car’s frame. The integrity of a vehicle goes down by 34% if the windshield isn’t fitted properly.
  • Poorly fitted windshields can come off when vehicles are on highways traveling at high speeds. If a windshield gets dislodged, the vehicle behind may suffer serious damage, including the windshield damaging the vehicle traveling behind.
  • Improper fitting may lead to the windshields coming off during a roll-over, in which case the likelihood of the roof caving in increases by 30%.
  • Windshields may get dislodged and hit pedestrians if not fitted properly.

There are standards in the U.S. that dictate the proper installation of a windshield. At True Blue Auto Glass, we make a point of training our staff about these safety standards. Our technicians undergo a rigorous training program, are certified with our installation supply manufacturer, and have to qualify for a periodic recertification process. If you think your windshield isn’t fitted properly or need a windshield repair or replacement, we recommend calling our experts and scheduling a visit!