Convertibles & Their High-Tech Windshields – Does High-Tech Mean More Difficult Replacement?

Convertibles & Their High-Tech Windshields – Does High-Tech Mean More Difficult Replacement?

Back in 2017, Mercedes announced that for the best possible experience with their convertibles, it “strongly recommends” that you only get Mercedes Benz products installed only. This is because regular windshields may either not have the features offered by original, high-tech windshields and simply may not feel as premium.

Audi, Porsche, Mustang, and BMW have all followed the same example over the years, bringing in new advancements not just in their cars but also the windshield. Of course, this has also presented a new issue; that of windshield replacement and repair.

High-Tech Windshield Replacement & Repair – A Difficult Affair?

The thing about technology is that it is fragile and expensive. Very expensive in some cases. However, in our previous article about windshield technology advancements, we mentioned how windshield glasses are starting to become stronger and more scratch-resistant, especially so in convertibles.

As for difficulty; yes, repair has become a lot more difficult. Where repairing cracks was a simple matter of opening up cracks, filling them with epoxy, and applying finish to it, now, there is a technological barrier that doesn’t let us do that. Replacement is a good option, considering the cost of repairs for such a technological marvel.

Yet, manufacturers and windshield repairers aren’t unsympathetic towards drivers and their wallets either. Repair and replacement parts are widely available, and although difficult to apply for novices, the process itself isn’t that expensive.

Insurance providers are also stepping in, signing up with more and more windshield vendors such as True Blue Auto Glass to make the process less taxing on you financially. At the same time, we endeavor to make the process easier and convenient, by coming to you instead of having you come to us.

We bear the transportation liability, while you enjoy a new windshield on your way back from work. If you’re looking for someone to replace your convertible’s windshield or repair it without compromising on features, just give us a call today!