Cleaning Condensation From Your Car the Right Way

Cleaning Condensation From Your Car the Right Way

If you’re someone who parks their car out in the open, you simply can’t run away from foggy windshields in the morning or at night. The difference in temperature inside and outside your car can result in condensation and cleaning it becomes a daily chore.

Since it becomes a chore, people often become careless and clean it the wrong way, leading to scratches on your windshield. This may require windshield repair or even windshield replacement in severe cases!  Here, we’ll discuss how to clean condensation off your car without damaging your windshield!

Cleaning Condensation Off Windshields

Before you do anything, make sure that it’s just condensation you’re dealing with, not ice. During winters, as you turn the heater inside your car on, the windshield may become foggy, requiring you to clean it from the inside again and again.

To clean your windshield quickly, lower the temperature inside your car by either opening a window slightly or turning on the AC. Defrost without heat, else you risk cracking the windshield. A lengthier option is to turn your car and the heater on 10 to 15 minutes before you get in. This way, the windshield warms up as well and viola! No condensation.

We also discussed another option of making a blanket shield in front of your windshield in our previous blog, so be sure to check that out!

If you have condensation when it’s hot out, the culprit is your AC. Turn it away from the windshield or turn it down a notch. Use your wipers to clean the condensation. Avoid blasting your AC during the summer or it could lead to cracks in your windshield, which may require windshield repair or replacement if the damage is extensive!

To learn more about when you might need to replace your windshield due to the cold, get in touch with our experts today!