Car Roadworthiness Test & Your Windshield

Car Roadworthiness Test & Your Windshield

Different parts in the US have different requirements for roadworthiness. After everything is said and done, one very crucial element of the roadworthiness test is the windshield, considering how important it is in terms of the driver’s safety and the car’s integrity.

The vehicle has to comply with basic standards, each designed to keep the driver, passenger, and those on the road safe. Some elements that the test checks rigorously include;

  • Non-functioning or inefficient windshield technology/features
  • Damaged windshield because of debris
  • Worn/scratched windshield because of improper cleaning techniques
  • Inefficient, broken, or damaged wipers and washers
  • Integrity issues regarding the front and back windshield

While numerous other issues need to be considered, seeing as how windshields are one of the first things inspectors look at, you must give your windshield a once-over before heading over for the inspection.

Poor windshields often lead to an obstructed view for the driver, which leads to accidents. To keep your car secure, the glass must be clear. The issue exacerbates when there is oncoming traffic during the night. The glare because of headlights means that the driver cannot see the road ahead, often leading to accidents.

Even the smallest chips or cracks should be repaired immediately; this is because when the light hits these “irregularities” in your otherwise flat windshield, the light reflects at a different angle than the rest. In many cases, the light starts bouncing around within the glass, giving it a murky appearance.

If you have a scratched, chipped, cracked, or broken windshield, chances of you passing the car roadworthiness test get reduced significantly, rendering your car potentially useless until you get it repaired or may even lead to fines.

To avoid this, get in touch with us to get your windshield repaired and replaced quickly, or even at home if you are too busy!