Can Clear Nail Polish Fix A Cracked Windshield?

Can Clear Nail Polish Fix A Cracked Windshield?

Everyone has experienced or will experience a scenario when their windshield cracks suddenly while on the highway, and they are nowhere near an auto glass repair shop. So, what should you do to prevent the crack from spreading further and causing extensive damage to not only the car but putting the passengers at risk as well?

Try a Nail Polish Fix

When you experience a slight chip or crack on your windshield and an auto glass repair shop is nowhere near you, a quick nail polish fix can help prevent the crack from spreading and give you enough time to get professional help.  

Nail polish is no longer just for keeping your manicure fresh!

Any minor windshield cracks and fractures can be filled in using clear or acrylic nail polish. Once it dries, it protects and shields it from external temperatures and stress which could lead to cracks spreading and making the damage irreparable.  

Here is a step-by-step guide on what you should do if you experience any windshield cracks while on the road:

Step 1

Park your vehicle under a shade. This is important since we don’t want the sun to dry out the nail polish too quickly.

Step 2

Clean the damaged area with a soft cloth to get rid of dust and sand particles.

Step 3

Generously coat the crack with nail polish.

Step 4

Each and every crack or chip should be completely covered from the starting point to the end.  

Step 5

Coat the inside of the glass with nail polish as well to make it even more durable.

Final Word

Bear in mind that nail polish and super glue fixes are only temporary to prevent the cracks from spreading. You will have to get the damage fixed by a professional auto glass dealer who will properly advise you about whether your windshield needs a repair or replacement.  

DISCLAIMER: It is never safe to drive with a damaged windshield and is against state laws.