Can A Windshield Break On Its Own?

Can A Windshield Break On Its Own?

You might think that only certain things like flying debris, tree branches, or a baseball smashing into a windshield can damage it. But sometimes, identifying the reason for a broken windshield seems unclear.

However, there are rational explanations as to how windshields break on their own, and we have shared a few of them.

How Windshields Break On Their Own?

Temperature Variations

The windshield of a car is engineered with a layer of resin between layers of glass to make it more durable and prevent breakage. However, rapid temperature fluctuations can cause it to crack or even shatter.  

As the air on the inside of the car is cooler than the outside air, it causes the windshield to expand on the outside while the inner side of the windshield remains unchanged and causes it to crack. Even though windshields are made to withstand certain amounts of fluctuations, when the temperature change is too sudden and extreme, the windshield might break.

The following scenarios can cause a windshield to break:

  • Close proximity to a heating source like fires during the winter season.
  • Hot water poured on cold windshields.
  • Extreme heating inside a vehicle when the temperature is very cold outside.
  • The windshield is exposed to intense sunlight while the remaining part of the vehicle is under a cool shade.  

All these cracks are a result of extreme and recurring stress and don’t become apparent right away; that is why you may see a crack on your windshield out of the blue without knowing the true reason behind it.

Improper Installation

Although the replacement of windshields must meet strict requirements, faults might nevertheless occur. If the windshield isn’t placed correctly, it may be unstable, which could lead to vibration that leads to stress fractures.

Pressure Increases

It’s possible for pressure variations caused by events like unexpected, strong winds or even placing anything heavy on the windscreen to be sufficient to cause a crack.

In Conclusion

Always make sure to choose a reliable auto glass dealer like True Blue Auto Glass to repair or replace your windshields. We make sure to provide complete customer satisfaction along with a lifetime warranty to provide you with the best service in a seamless and hassle-free manner.