Can a Windshield Be Claimed Through Insurance?

Can a Windshield Be Claimed Through Insurance?

Typical liability coverage won’t insure your windshield or any other auto glass damage. In order to cover your windshield in case of chips or cracks, you will need additional insurance. Read on to know whether windshields can be claimed through insurance and what types of insurance you will need.

Comprehensive Insurance

Windshield damages are typically covered by the comprehensive coverage part of the car insurance policy. This section also covers other liabilities, including flooding, fire, hail, theft, collision with animals, and damages by falling objects. While this form of coverage is optional, it is necessary if you have bought the car on loan.  

Nearly 2/3 of all claims made under comprehensive coverage are for auto glass damage. You may also be required to pay a deductible on your auto insurance for comprehensive coverage.  

Full Glass Coverage

Your auto insurance policy can be upgraded with full glass coverage. Most insurance companies allow you to enhance your car insurance with complete glass coverage for an additional fee. You don’t even have to pay deductibles to fix or replace broken auto glass if you have complete glass coverage.

Windshield Claims and Deductibles

When you purchase auto insurance, you select a deductible, which is the amount you must pay for damage before the insurance company pays the claim. However, this is dependent on whether you choose comprehensive or full-glass car insurance. Remember that the lower your deductible, the higher your insurance premium will be.

In the case of comprehensive coverage, when you only require a windshield damage claim, you might not need to pay a deductible. With a full glass policy, however, any replacement or repairs are covered completely.  

In situations where your windshield is caused due to a collision or accident, you can claim damages via collision coverage.  

In Conclusion

It is essential that you take pictures and secure all information regarding windshield damage to show it to your insurance provider for a claim.  

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