Auto Repair Shop vs. Dealership – Which Option Is the Best For Windshield Replacement

Auto Repair Shop vs. Dealership – Which Option Is the Best For Windshield Replacement

Whenever there is anything wrong with a new car, the first instinct you may have is to take the car to a dealership to carry out the repairs. The same goes for windshields. While it’s true that dealerships can repair any fault in your car, but are they the correct answer? Should you go to an auto repair shop or a dealership?

The primary reason why most people don’t want to go to auto shops is that these shops tend to go into the details about their car, while dealerships only repair what they asked for and send the car back, even if the service is monumentally expensive.

In windshield repair, car dealerships usually don’t help you remove cracks or chips; they ask you to get the glass replaced. For that, they work solely with OEM glass, which is excellent but isn’t the most cost-effective solution.

A reputable auto repair shop and dealership both use high-end products and manufacturer-recommended replacement techniques. If you have a small chip or crack that you need repaired, you will find that auto repair shops are much better since their priority is to repair the damage if possible.

Auto repair shops are much more convenient than dealerships, though, since they offer specialized, mobile auto glass/windshield repair and replacement service, thus saving you time. True Blue Auto Glass is one such repair shop, offering FREE mobile service to all across Pennsylvania!

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