Are Bullet Proof Windshields Repairable? Or Do You Need a Replacement?

Are Bullet Proof Windshields Repairable? Or Do You Need a Replacement?

If you live in a high-crime region or are an influential personality, you might be considering buying a bulletproof car or bulletproof windshields. However, you should be aware of the expenses of any necessary repairs or replacements before purchasing them.

Bulletproof glass is made up of layers of plastic and laminated glass bonded together, making it resistant to bullets. But this resistance does not protect it from scratches and therefore requires adequate care. The inner layer of bulletproof glass is made with polycarbonate, and any scratches on it are irreparable.  

While bulletproof windshields are repairable, their structure loses its integrity and strength. So, it won’t work as efficiently and would end up losing the entire purpose of saving/protecting someone’s life. Moreover, there is no way to evaluate the strength and durability of bulletproof glass once it is repaired. Therefore, it is recommended to replace your bulletproof windshield after it has sustained significant damage.

Bulletproof Windshield Maintenance

As a bulletproof windshield requires extra care, it is important that you follow the steps we have shared below:

  • To clean the outer surface, use basic window/glass cleaning supplies.
  • Avoid using solvents or other chemical agents.
  • Do not wash the car with high-pressure water.
  • Dry windshield and windows completely to prevent discoloration.
  • Any stain on the inner surface should be gently wiped with gauze soaked in isopropyl alcohol.
  • Avoid using metal objects to touch the inner surface, and definitely don’t try to remove stains using a metal-edged tool.

Bulletproof Windshield Cost

A bulletproof windshield is expensive, and the cost varies depending on the size of your car and the protection the glass provides. The minimum cost for a bulletproof windshield is about $5000, and this excludes the labor charges and could go as high as over $100,000!

To learn more about bulletproof windshield repairs and replacements, contact True Blue Auto Glass. We will examine the extent of your windshield damage and recommend the best possible solution for you.