We specialize in auto glass replacement and are highly trained in ALL insurance procedures

We work with all insurance companies.  Every insurance company has a specialized procedure for setting up an auto glass replacement claim. We have been trained in the procedures for your insurance company, so we can help you set up your claim in the most efficient way — this is a complimentary service to all our customers. Call us first for Insurance Claims Assistance – we will be happy to help you set up your windshield or other auto glass claim.  By calling us first, we can guide you through the process of getting all the benefits you are entitled to through your policy.

Our insurance specialists will contact your insurance company with you to help you file your claim. We will set up a conference call while you are on the phone with us which just takes a few minutes. Just have your proof of insurance available when you call, and we will take it from there.

Our many years working with insurance companies filing claims will make the claims process easy for you. In most cases, we can help you set up your claim in half the time it would take it you did it alone.  We are approved and recommended by all insurance companies. Auto glass replacement claims fall under the comprehensive part of your policy. In most cases your rates are not affected when you use your comprehensive coverage.

Look us up on Google.  Search for True Blue Auto Glass Phoenixville and then True Blue Auto Glass Wayne  We’re very proud of our work and what our customers are saying about us.

Common Questions about Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacment

Believe it or not, there are many more questions our customers have asked us.  These are just the most common.  Give us a call at 610-935-5588.  Let us help you put your damaged auto glass behind you.

We’ll help you understand common questions like:

Are windshield replacements covered by my insurance?

Are windshield repairs covered by my insurance – I’ve heard they might waive my deductible?

Are OEM replacements better than Aftermarket replacement?

Will my insurance company pay for an OEM replacement?

How are windshield repairs done?

What type of guarantee is provided for a windshield repair?

How much will it cost to replace my windshield?

Should I file a claim?

Will filing a claim affect my insurance rates?

Can a cracked windshield be repaired?

Can a windshield with a stone chip be repaired?

Who is the best windshield replacement company?

Who is the cheapest windshield replacement and why might it be a good idea to NOT choose the cheapest company?

Can you drive after windshield a replacement?

Windshield replacement issues and the warranty provided.

Do I need to bring my car to True Blue Auto Glass or will they come to me?

Windshield replacement with heads up display.

Windshield replacement with rain sensor.

Windshield replacement with lane departure warning system.

Windshield replacement without using insurance – cost might be lower than your deductible.

Windshield replacement without paying deductible.

Windshield repair versus replacement.


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