Accidents Can Happen in the Blink of an Eye – Accidents & Windshields

Accidents Can Happen in the Blink of an Eye – Accidents & Windshields

From a baseball or Frisbee hitting your windshield to something more serious, accidents can happen on the road or even when your car is parked miles away from any danger. Even standing in your garage, the winter season can potentially damage your windshield under the right conditions.

It doesn’t matter when, where, or how; an accident can happen so fast; you never know when, what might happen and how – or as we like to say, we never know when we’ll come back to a car that has suffered a foul ball!

Regardless of the damage suffered, True Blue Auto Glass can help you mitigate the damage by taking prompt action. Even the smallest cracks can quickly become a nightmare if they require a complete windshield replacement. With our help, you can catch the damage in time, repair it, and thus save money and trouble.

Here are some most important features of our services:

  • We provide a no-hassle National Lifetime Warranty
  • We repairand replace all auto glass, cleanly and quickly
  • We go where you need us . . . on your schedule
  • Our technicians are fully trained, certified and friendly
  • We use only the highest industry standard materials
  • We care about you and routinely go above and beyond. Read our Google reviews to learn more about the same!
  • We provide direct billing to all insurance companies and glass networks
  • We are your ideal local, family owned alternative

Over the years, we find that many customers contact us with the same common questions about windshield repair and windshield replacements. Here is a post to help you answer the same.