5 More Tips for Your Windshield

Last year, we had a lot of positive feedback on our Windshield Maintenance blogpost – following these guidelines could help you avoid a windshield replacement – we’ve got a few more Tips to Save your Windshield:

1. Safe following distance

Aside from the normal dangers of following the car in front of you too closely, when there is salt and cinders on the road, following too closely greatly increases your chances of something bouncing off the road and hitting your windshield.  When this happens, a small stone chip is likely to end up turning into a large crack.  If you have it repaired quickly, you’ll decrease your changes of needing a windshield replacement.

2. Clean and change the wipers

After repeated use, the wiper blades become dirty and blunt. The dirt and sand which gathers on the wiper blades needs to be cleaned frequently. The wipers also need to be replaced every few months so that they do not cause scratches on your windshield. You can easily clean the wipers with the help of a rag soaked in washer liquid.  One of the insurance companies we represent allows us to provide new windshield wiper blades with every windshield replacement.  Ask us for more information about this program.

3. Leaving your wiper blades up before a snow or ice storm

Don’t do this!  Every winter, we get a lot of windshield replacement work due to wiper blades falling and hitting the windshield.

4. Ice Scraper use

During the winter months, another common source of windshield damage is from people scraping ice from their windows.  Being too aggressive with scraping and hitting the windshield with the scraper are the two most common causes for the breakages. The other type of damage that can happen is the surrounding trim parts and rubber moldings. This year, we helped a couple in Broomall with two windshields on their Honda’s.  One was a Honda Accord and the other a Honda Civic.  We won’t use any names (to save from embarrassment).  Pro tip – Don’t use a snow shovel to clear snow and ice from your car . . . unless you want to create the need for a windshield replacement.

5. Use the right cleaner

It is important to wipe the glass of the windshield manually from time to time to clean the dirt that has been left behind by the wipers. For this purpose, you should use cleaners which do not contain ammonia. Ammonia destroys the tint of the glass. You should go for a window cleaner and cotton towel to clean the windshield without causing streaks or scratches.
Following these tips can help you to keep your vehicle’s windshield clean and strong.  Here’s another great tip for a really thorough cleaning – I just did this recently on my own car and the results were incredible.

Step 1. Use Meguiar’s Clay Bar

Step 2. Use Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

Step 3. Clean with the glass cleaner of your choice

Thanks for reading!