4 Common Myths About Windshield Replacement

4 Common Myths About Windshield Replacement

One of the biggest reasons people end up paying extra to showrooms for windshield replacement and repair (or for any other Autoglass service, for that matter) is the prevalence of myths around the general idea of getting a ‘local’ company to replace your windshield.

Here are some of the more common windshield repair and replacement myths we’ll debunk in this post.

Common Myths About Windshield Replacement

1. A Small Chip or Crack Is Fine

Most people pay more for their windshield repair or turn a simple repair job into a complete replacement due to this reason. Think of the glass’s surface as a layer of cellophane on top of your food. Even the smallest chips or cuts in it can render the whole film useless, right?

Similarly, the smallest crack or chip lets out all the stress in a windshield, which is why it may increase in size and become a bigger problem later.

2. Local Shops Do Not Have the Same Glass Quality as Showroom

Showrooms charge a lot for the same service that a local company may provide at half or less than half price. Why? Is it because of the poor glass quality? Not at all! It’s because of the lower price margins.

Local shops also have low-quality glass options for when you need it, but no windshield replacement or repair company worth its salt would recommend it. You may find more quality and technologically versatile options available at local shops than showrooms!

3. You Can Drive Without a Windshield Too

Unless you want to get fined or want debris flying into your face as you drive, driving without or with a damaged windshield is extremely dangerous. Why do you think all cars, including convertibles, come with a windshield? It’s not just for looks.

4. Even the Slightest Damage Means That the Windshield Needs To Be Replaced

Minor damage, such as chips that are no wider than 2 inches and cracks extending no longer than 3-4 inches (depending on its depth), can be repaired easily. You don’t have to get your windshield replaced in this case, even if someone tells you that this is what you need.

We urge you to give True Blue Auto Glass experts a call to see if your windshield does need a replacement or if a simple repair will do. True Blue Auto Glass experts can assist with any other questions that you would like addressed. There are several windshield replacement and repair myths out there. Make sure you don’t end up making the wrong choice because of them by staying informed!