3 Common Culprits Behind Rear Windshield Damage

3 Common Culprits Behind Rear Windshield Damage

Whether you just got your rear windshield replaced or are simply looking to save some unnecessary expense, it is important to take care of your rear windshield just as closely as you would the front windshield.

The black glass also plays an important part in maintaining the vehicle’s integrity and ensuring visibility for the driver. Since the black glass is made out of tempered glass, it shatters into tiny blunt pieces to help those trapped inside escape.

Although very strong, here are some reasons why the rear windshield may get cracked or break.

Temperature Fluctuations

Like the front windshield, you have to be careful about temperature fluctuations with the rear glass. For example, if the car was parked under direct sunlight and you turn the AC on full, the cold air hitting the back glass might end up damaging the car’s back glass.

The same goes for winter.

Collisions and Accidents

This is the most common reason for rear windshield damage. Collisions and accidents involve;

  • Collision with another car
  • Bird strike
  • Hitting a pedestrian while backing up
  • Baseball or golf balls.
  • Any other heavy object colliding with the rear windshield and so many more.

The only way to avoid this is to act vigilantly.

Poor Installation

Poorly fitted windshields tend to vibrate in their opening and are particularly affected by uneven roads. You may find that one day while pulling onto the gravel road or simply hitting a speed bump too fast might end up leaving a crack in your rear windshield for no apparent reason!

Well, the reason here was poor installation. There is also the risk of the glass popping out and getting shattered.

If you have reason to believe that your windshield hasn’t been installed correctly or have a crack that you would like us to look at, give us a quick call! We’ll help you test out the windshield properly on the call and determine whether you need expert help or not.

We can also help you get cost-effective and quick front and rear windshield repair and replacement at a moment’s notice, no matter the time of day. You can either come to our conveniently located repair shop or contact us by calling 610-935-5588 to get your back glass fixed at your doorstep!